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Well-first thinking

Our industry is continuously improving through innovative processes, technologies, and solutions.  More wells are being drilled and completed faster, safer and with a greater environmental focus than ever before.  With this comes new problems which are not necessarily best solved with current thinking.

We are well-first thinkers. We look holistically at a problem. We apply free thinking. We are lean, fast and completely focused on the well and our customers.


Specialising in wellbore construction and completion, we develop exciting new products in-house, as well as collaborate with some of the industry’s leading suppliers and service companies. We do this to deliver bespoke and field-proven technologies. 

By applying well-first thinking, performance and results are the goal. Our agility enables us to be more efficient, effective, and more direct than conventional models can allow for, while our focus is on keeping things simple. With well-first thinking we will find your best solution.





  1. To apply well-first thinking to wellbore construction and completion solutions “its time to #marwellize”

Putting the well first

Born from the understanding that each well and each formation presents its own unique challenges, we have set out to develop new and exciting technologies for ever-more challenging applications.


To do this, we have partnered with industry-leading companies across Europe to offer tailored solutions that are not available elsewhere on the market. Combining proven tools with our engineered approach we apply well-first thinking.


Our goal is to make life simpler for our customers, and we embody this through our holistic approach, as well as dedicated technical and operational support.


Applying free thinking

In addition to bringing bespoke technologies from our partners, we are also proud to be advancing the industry through the development of our exciting in-house products. 

Harnessing our extensive experience with dissolvable materials, we have developed FADE, a family of dissolvable products for a wide variety of applications.  Aimed at saving our customers time and money, as well as improving safety and reducing emissions.


We will find your best solution

Focused on wellbore construction and completion technology, our dynamic and flexible approach has already helped some of the industry’s leading operators to improve their well performance.  


If you are planning a well that would benefit from our open and engineered approach to well equipment selection, please contact us.

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