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Advanced Completion - Pioneering the Future of Well Completions

Achieve maximum production with Marwell's Advanced level solutions. Equip your well with wireless smart completions, unlocking real-time monitoring and data insights. Our cutting-edge technology transforms wells into intelligent assets, reducing downtime, and enabling data-driven decisions.

Wireless pressure and temperature monitoring​

  • Monitoring at the sandface, also in two stage completions and in laterals

  • Open hole and cased hole applications

  • Subsea and dry tree application

  • Wireless to surface or connected to Roxar’s PDHG

  • Monitoring in suspended and abandoned wellbores

  • Monitoring b-annulus and out of zone injection

Wireless thermal flow profiling

  • Wireless high resolution distributed temperature surveillance

  • Installed outside of sand screens, perforated pipe, sleeves etc.

  • Identification of water breakthrough zones

  • Inflow and outflow profile

  • Production log

  • Out of zone injection monitoring

  • Alternative to DFO and PLT

Wireless flow control

  • Wireless inflow control valve for completion applications

  • Integration with all types of sand screens

  • No cables, penetrators or inductive couplers

  • Flow control at the sandface, also in two stage completions and in laterals

  • Water shut-off and zonal inflow / outflow control

  • Open hole and cased hole applications

  • Annulus-to-tubing or tubing-to-tubing flow control

  • Pressure and temperature surveillance incorporated in valve

Zonal isolation

  • Mechanical open hole and cased hole packers

  • Swellable packers

Wireless barrier monitoring and intervention solutions

  • Long term monitoring of temporary and permanent barriers

  • Monitoring below cement plugs

  • Formation testing with live monitoring

  • Retrofit wireless gauges in well with failed PDHG

  • Wireless TCP actuation

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Supported solutions

Trusted partnerships with some of the industries leading specialists

When you choose Marwell, you're not just benefiting from our tools; you're tapping into a network of global expertise and the latest advancements in well construction technology.

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