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Integrated completions from Marwell

Discover a new era of well completion solutions with Marwell AS, an industry leader for integrated completions in Norway.


Rooted in innovation, driven by a world-class team of experts, and committed to performance, we redefine well completions with a range of tailored methodologies designed to meet your wells’ needs.

Unlock your wells’ full potential by utilizing our core capabilities:


Slim Hole Completion – Low-Cost Reservoir Access: We are the market leader for slim hole completion systems in Norway. Whether you are milling new laterals with coil tubing from an existing wellbore or installing a retrofit slim hole completion inside of an old reservoir liner we have a complete toolbox of technologies to achieve your goals.

Advanced Completion - Pioneering the Future of Well Completions: Achieve maximum production with Marwell's Advanced level solutions. Equip your well with wireless smart completions, unlocking real-time monitoring and data insights. Our cutting-edge technology transforms wells into intelligent assets, reducing downtime, and enabling data-driven decisions.

Applied Materials Science – world leaders in composite and dissolvable materials: Marwell have developed a range of technologies based on composite materials and have significant expertise in this field. Couple this with our FADE dissolvable materials and we can provide a wealth of unique materials knowledge to solve many downhole challenges.

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