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Our experienced intervention specialists can deploy a suite of specialized technology for various applications. We have equipment in Norway to support some of the largest operators and service companies on the NCS. 

Our intervention portfolio includes:


  • Acoustic monitoring of intervention activities from surface

  • Wireless downhole pressure and temperature gauges

  • Retrofit wireless pressure and temperature gauges

  • Wireless monitoring below plugs

Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve Remedial Packages

Slickline Deployment Systems

Plugs and packers

  • Tubing hanger plugs for annulus & production bore

  • Wireless retrievable packers

  • Full P&A campaign packages

  • Metal alloy tubing plugs

  • Metal alloy tubing to annulus plugs

Fully engineered well solutions tailored to your intervention needs

Read some of our success stories on our case study page:

Supported solutions

Trusted partnerships with some of the industries leading specialists

When you choose Marwell, you're not just benefiting from our tools; you're tapping into a network of global expertise and the latest advancements in well construction technology.

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