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Sand Control

A critical component of lower completion design is sand control. Marwell have the experience required to design the optimum sand control configuration for your reservoir. We have a deep understanding of sand screen design and inflow management which allows us to design optimized solutions for our clients. We are also a pioneer of field proven screens specifically for the control of chalk particle production.

Our sand control portfolio includes:

  • Premium mesh screens

  • Wire wrap screens

  • Through tubing screens

  • Chalk control screens

  • AICD's

  • Dissolvable nozzle plugged ICD's

  • Wash-pipe free system

  • Closable toe subs

  • Sand screen centralizers

  • Swell packers

  • Liner hangers

Read some of our success stories on our case study page:

Supported solutions

Trusted partnerships with some of the industries leading specialists

When you choose Marwell, you're not just benefiting from our tools; you're tapping into a network of global expertise and the latest advancements in well construction technology.

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