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Applied Materials Science

Marwell have a wealth of knowledge in the fields of composites and dissolvable materials. We have split these topics into 2 separate product lines.

Dissolvable materials - FADE

FADE is a family of dissolvable metal alloys and thermoplastic materials, which dissolve or degrade when coming in to contact with common wellbore fluids, including fresh water, brine, oil-based mud and acid.


Our dissolvable materials allow for temporary construction in the well and are designed to disappear within hours or days when in contact with the appropriate fluid. This simple solution leads to reduced costs, improved safety, and lower emissions.

FADE hands.jpg

Non-metallic tubulars - Extender

We have developed a revolutionary new composite tubing for use in several downhole applications. Extender is a sister company of Marwell which specializes in composite technology development in the energy industry. 

Unlock unparalleled strength, corrosion resistance, and sustainability for your energy projects with Extender. Our advanced carbon fiber tubulars redefine well integrity and performance in the oil and gas, geothermal, and CCS industries. 

Use the below link to visit the Extender website

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