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Marwell have partnered with Maxwell Oil Tools to provide a range of innovative composite centralizers and drill pipe protectors. The design of these centralizers is allowing operators to run wellbore tubulars more efficiently and to greater depths than ever before.

Using state of the art ERA simulation software from K&M, we model each downhole application to provide a detailed picture of the operation. From this, we can customize various tool parameters in order to realise the maximum benefit of Maxwell’s technology


Installations are carried out directly onto the customers tubulars, by our specialist personnel and is simple, mobile and reliable. This saves the operator time and transportation costs, whilst allowing for maximum productivity during the installation process.


Solutions supported by


Maxwells Tools at a glance

Composite Centralizers 

Precisely engineered, with difficult wellbores in mind, the multi-layer carbon
fiber design of Maxwell’s Composite Centralizers dramatically reduce friction,
offering a larger flow area as well as better debris dispersal, resulting in lower
ECD values.

Particularly useful for challenging wells or pressure-sensitive formations, the
spacing of the solid centralizer blades can be offset along the length of the
tubular for 360º coverage of the pipe. This results in improved cement job
quality, reduced restriction to the annular space and maximum fluid bypass.

The multi-layer carbon fiber construction of each blade makes the tool extremely strong, while the zirconia Kevlar coating offers extremely low friction, reducing wear on casing, run-in-hole drag and rotational torque.

Centralizer 1.png
Centralizer 2.png

  • Solid centralizer blades give positive standoff in highly deviated wellbores

  • Staggered placement for optimal fluid bypass

  • Very low friction coefficient

  • Casing friendly

  • High wear resistance

  • Low impact geometry for restrictions/obstructions

  • Flexibility of design for bespoke solutions

  • Very robust construction – high mechanical properties

  • Non metallic and inert – will not corrode

Centralizer 3.png

Ceramic composite keviar mesh

Woven fibre matrix

Chopped fibre matrix

Woven carbon fibre matrix


All-Composite Rotating and Non-Rotating Drill pipe Protector 

Composite drill pipe protectors are utilized to reduce both casing and drill pipe wear whilst minimizing torque.

all composite 2.png
All composite 1.png
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