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Marwell reflections after 5 years – new contracts signed, new technologies developed and a first-class team in place.

It sounds simple but to achieve this we needed to have access to some of the best technology providers in the world and as we soon found out, we would also need to design our own technology to expand our offerings.

Early on we established partnerships with key technology providers from around the world. Our partners immediately saw the value of our “Well-First Thinking” approach and our principles of well design resonated with them.

From humble beginnings in a tiny ‘shoe box’ office, Marwell's founders started out with a goal: improve well construction and completions in Norway. It was a mammoth task to undertake, but the philosophy was very simple. “Well-First Thinking” -  Considering the challenges of each field from a reservoir and production perspective, and work backwards to the individual components needed to achieve the objective of maximizing production and efficiency. To do this effectively we had to remain impartial towards any particular product catalogue or portfolio we may have, and instead focus on what the optimum solution would be.

The early days of Marwell

Soon the operators in Norway started to take notice of our unique approach and our cutting-edge solutions. The first 8 months of operations saw Marwell deliver 19 projects to clients on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. By 2020 we were already exporting our in-house developed FADE dissolvable technology to projects overseas. Today we have delivered solutions to over 150 wells worldwide.

As our ideas gained traction and our reputation grew, we realized that to fulfill our vision, we needed to scale up our operations. We made significant strides by expanding our team, bringing in talented individuals who shared our passion for innovation and problem-solving. This infusion of fresh perspectives and expertise not only bolstered our capabilities but also fostered a dynamic and collaborative work culture.

The addition of new employees marked a pivotal moment in our journey, propelling us toward becoming an even stronger business entity. With a larger and more diversified team, we could tackle challenges with greater agility and efficiency. Each new member brought unique skills and insights, enriching our approach to well design and technology development.


Fostering a great company culture has always been a central focus for Marwell

As we look forward to the future, we have a strong foundation to build on. Here are some of the key highlights from the Marwell adventure so far:

  • Marwell now deliver integrated completions and interventions projects in Norway.

  • Installed equipment in over 150 wells worldwide.

  • 6 ‘top tier’ technology partners: Varel, HP Well Screen, Metrol, Packers Plus, Wellvene, Isol8

  • We have developed our own technologies and built product lines on our FADE dissolvable materials and the Extender carbon fiber composite tubulars.

  • Marwell are now an exporter of our own proprietary technologies to the global energy market.

  • Through our sister company Extender, we are working on carbon capture and geothermal applications for the energy transition.

  • Revenue in 2023 = 31 million NOK

  • Revenue for 2024 = 40 million NOK

  • Expected revenue in 2026 = 100 million NOK


Extender carbon fiber tubular for lower completion

Marwell is growing rapidly and building the team to support it's growth. This is made possible by the trust that our clients have placed in us and the dedicated partners and individuals who make Marwell what it is today. Follow us on LinkedIn to be a part of the adventure!

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