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Marwell AS awarded funding by Innovasjon Norge

As a young and independent company specialising in wellbore construction and completion equipment, we pride ourselves on bringing a fresh perspective to the marketplace. 

Established in 2019 in Stavanger, Norway, our aim is to bring new and innovative tools to the Norwegian market that will save operators’ time and money, while improving performance.  Working with both industry-leading partners and developing our exciting range of in-house products, we aim to bring new technologies to ever-more challenging applications.


Marwell AS’ Technical Director, Geirmund Sætre, commented on the funding award:


“This is an exciting time for our industry and the adoption of innovative new materials is rapidly gathering pace. We are delighted that a major operator has seen the value in our FADE technology and that Innovasjon Norge has come onboard to support the development project. As the portfolio of FADE products increases we will be able to provide larger time savings and further reduce operational risk for our clients.”

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