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MCC centralizer technology utilized on expandable liner

Marwell recently completed an MCC centralizer installation together with our partners Maxwell Oil Tools on an 8-5/8” Enventure expandable liner in Norway. The expandable liner was run successfully during September on one of the largest fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf by one of Norway’s largest operators.

Centralizer 1.png

MCC Offset centralizer layout

The operator was concerned about differential sticking while running this particular liner so MCC centralizers were identified as the best solution to mitigate this risk. MCC offset centralizers have several unique advantages which make them perfectly suited to this type of application. The principal benefits are increased flow-by area, allowing for running through close tolerance previous casings while minimizing surge and swab; and ultra-low friction characteristics which reduce torque and drag to aid in running tubulars to target depth (TD).

In relation to expandable liners, a key advantage of the MCC centralizer technology is that they provide centralization whilst allowing unimpeded expansion of the liner once it has reached TD.

During the planning phase of the well, Marwell carried out detailed drag modelling for the running of the liner. This modelling was completed utilizing a library of historical run data and recorded friction factors from fields worldwide.

During the operation, the actual drag recorded on the rig closely followed what had been calculated during the planning phase. This was yet another confirmation of the accuracy of the MCC software simulations and the value of detailed up-front engineering support.


After running of the liner was completed successfully, the operator identified MCC centralizers as a solution to be used on several other upcoming wells in the field.

MCC offset image.jpeg
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