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Metrol wireless open hole monitoring system ready for installation

Metrol open hole gauge carrier prior to load out

The assemblies for multiple Metrol wireless open hole monitoring systems have been prepared, tested and are now ready for installation for a major Norwegian operator.  The wireless Metrol Paragon system can provide near-realtime, multi-year, downhole pressure and temperature monitoring in the heel, middle and toe of the horizontal reservoir section without the need for penetrators or cables. The gauges at the toe can provide feedback on clean-up efficiency to the rig, whilst data from all nodes can provide the operator with invaluable feedback from reservoir compartments that cannot usually be monitored. 


Metrol’s wireless systems allow downhole operational diagnostics, suspension monitoring, production surveillance, and the ability to make fact-based production enhancements in future developments, such as improved tie-back positioning and better drainage strategy to ultimately increase production.


For this project Metrol’s telemetry tools are connected to Emerson / Roxar’s cabled gauge and Intelligent Multistage Completion Network™ (IMCN) allowing data to be transmitted wirelessly from several kilometers away and transferred through the gauge cable to surface. Learn more about the possibilities in the IMCN animation in the following link:

Marwell are proud to be Metrol’s partner for bringing wireless telemetry technology to the completion and intervention market in Norway. For more information on Metrol's innovative wireless technology visit: 

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Metrol open hole gauge carrier prior to load out

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