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We work closely with our clients to develop the most appropriate solution for each well, whether that’s using some of our exciting in-house developed products, or working with our partners to tailor a solution.

The products listed below have been developed internally, harnessing our extensive experience and innovative nature.


FADE is a family of dissolvable metal alloys and thermoplastic materials, which dissolve or degrade when coming in to contact with common wellbore fluids, including fresh water, brine, oil-based mud and acid.


Our dissolvable materials allow for temporary construction in the well and are designed to disappear within hours or days when in contact with the appropriate fluid. This simple solution leads to reduced costs, improved safety, and lower emissions.

We currently offer two different types of dissolvable material:

FADE 100 - Metal Alloys

Using galvanic corrosion to achieve the desired dissolution rate, our FADE 100 series can be used for ball activation of sleeves and for temporarily isolating the wellbore for pressure testing and packer setting. The alloy dissolves through galvanic corrosion, when it comes in to contact fluid containing chloride (Cl-) such as seawater, brine or even some fresh water. The material will also dissolve in acid.

Dissolve rates depend on material selection, chloride concentration and well temperatures.

FADE 200 – Thermoplastic

With FADE 200 products being broken down by hydrolysis, applications include dissolvable inserts for liners or Inflow Control Devices, dissolvable plugged nozzles, slotted liners and perforated casing.  Using water molecules to break down the polymer chains, these thermoplastic products do not need actual liquid water to dissolve.


Pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we are bringing carbon fibre products to the downhole environment. 


Working together with a world leading carbon fibre manufacturer, we have developed a series of products for use downhole.

These parts are designed to order, benefiting from high collapse pressure and are completely drillable. 

Supported solutions

Trusted partnerships with some of Europe’s leading specialists

In addition to advancing the industry through the development of our exciting in-house products, we also bring bespoke technologies from our partners.

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