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Marwellize your well

Our industry is full of innovative products and solutions, but many of these are off-the-shelf products, designed to solve specific ‘common’ issues. We recognise that common issues are rarely common, as each well offers its own set of unique challenges and sometimes the pre-existing ‘solution’ just isn’t going to work.


Taking a well-first approach and looking holistically at the challenge is what sets us apart. Our focus is on offering a straight-forward, engineered approach to well equipment selection, supported by tailored engineering analysis.

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We work closely with our clients to develop the most appropriate solution for each well, whether that’s using some of our exciting in-house developed products, or working with our partners to tailor a solution, As a small company, with European partners, we are able to provide dynamic and flexible solutions that would not otherwise be available elsewhere on the market.  Each of our products contains a unique element, whether that’s in the product itself, the materials we use, the solution or the technique.  This approach offers benefits including better well performance, time savings, improved product quality and improved safety.

Getting involved at the planning stages of well design enables us to identify the best approach for each well.  Clients are supported through detailed pre-job analysis of the downhole application in order to optimise the solution.  This analysis, combined with our in-depth knowledge of wellbore construction and completion technologies forms part of our integrated, engineered solution.

Our Services

Our services span the full range of wellbore construction and completion, with our main focus being on the following applications. 

This list is not exhaustive and if you have a well issue that you think could benefit from our unique approach, please get in touch.

Completion Solutions

  • Temporary fluid and pressure barriers

  • Dissolving materials

  • Wireless telemetry

Lower completions

  • Sand control screens

  • Inflow Control Devices

  • Carbon fibre materials

Liner and casing installations

  • Composite centralizers

  • Low friction technologies

  • Reamer shoes and float equipment

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