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Innovative Dissolving Plugs: Unlocking Efficiency in Reservoir Liner Operations

The oil and gas industry is renowned for its constant pursuit of groundbreaking solutions, and the advent of dissolving plugs in reservoir liners is no exception. This ingenious technology is revolutionizing the way we approach well operations, offering multiple benefits that elevate well construction and production.

At the heart of this innovation lies the dissolving plug – a strategically designed component installed within the reservoir liner. What sets these plugs apart is their gradual dissolution over time, offering several advantages that redefine wellbore operations:





Figure 1 FADE dissolving plugs installed in the liner









1. Fluid Circulation Enhancement: The presence of dissolving plugs allows

for uninterrupted fluid circulation while the liner is run in the wellbore. Unlike

conventional methods that many times need to be removed after their purpose

is served, dissolving plugs gradually disintegrate, eliminating the need for removal

operations. This streamlines the installation process and reduces potential points of

intervention, resulting in improved operational efficiency.                                                     

Figure 2 FADE plug before and after dissolution

Figure 3 Dissolving plug installed in sliding sleeve

2. Breaker Fluid Placement: operations often involve pumping fluids into the annular space between the liner and the surrounding formation. Dissolving plugs facilitate this process by serving as temporary barriers. As they dissolve over time, they create pathways for the controlled placement of breaker fluids, enhancing reservoir stimulation and management.

3. Tool Activation through Pressure: The strategic use of dissolving plugs extends to

downhole tool activation, particularly in scenarios like open hole packer deployment.

Hydraulic pressure can be applied to the liner and thereby reducing operational


The benefits of dissolving plugs also extend beyond operational efficiency:

Cost Savings: The elimination of well operations reduces costs associated with well

interventions and increases overall project economics.

Precision Engineering: Dissolving plugs can be customized to dissolve at specific rates,

enabling precise control over fluid flow, pressure activation, and stimulation processes.              

Simplicity and Reliability: The integration of dissolving plugs simplifies wellbore designs and enhances reliability.

As the energy industry continues to evolve, dissolving plugs stand as a testament to innovation's transformative power. By reimagining traditional wellbore practices, this technology not only enhances operational efficiency but also embodies the industry's commitment to efficiency and

operational excellence. 

More information on Marwell's FADE technology can be found here: 

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