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New partnership with Maxwell Oil Tools

Marwell AS have partnered with Maxwell Oil Tools to provide a range of innovative downhole composite centralizers and tubular placement tools.


These tools dramatically reduce friction when running wellbore tubulars and improve the flow-by area thus reducing ECD.


Marwell utilize the state of the art ‘ERA’ simulation software from K&M to model each downhole application in order to find the optimal solution. This gives the operator a detailed picture of the operation and allows for customization of various tool parameters in order to give maximum benefit.


The products are installed directly onto the customers tubulars at locations across Norway. The installation process is carried out by our specialist personnel and is simple, mobile and reliable. This saves the operator time and transport costs whilst allowing maximum productivity during the installation process.


Composite solutions allow operators to run wellbore tubulars more efficiently and to greater measured depths than ever before. Operators can increase rig performance by saving time which as a result, saves money.

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