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Marwell AS and isol8 join forces to bring bonded-alloy barriers to Norway
  • Marwell and isol8 have entered a partnership to bring isol8’s range of Fusion products to the Norwegian market.

  • isol8’s range of Fusion products are the most technically advanced, metallurgically bonded-alloy barriers on the market.

  • The fusion range of products includes solutions for permanent plug and abandonment, water shutoff, annular barriers, casing packers and straddles.


Marwell and isol8 have signed a long term agreement for collaboration on the Norwegian Continental Shelf for the provision of isol8’s fusion products. This agreement will allow Marwell to support operators with engineering, planning and deployment of metallurgcally bonded-alloy barriers. The Fusion products represent a step change in downhole sealing performance with the highest shear-bond strength, greatest radial expansion capability and longest life-expectancy.


isol8’s Fusion technology uniquely creates a metallurgical bond between the alloy barrier and the steel tubing/casing. This provides greater than 20 times the shear bond strength compared with traditional cement materials.


Commenting on the partnership, Mike Williamson – General Manager of Marwell AS said:

“We have had a close dialogue with isol8 since their game-changing alloy technology was released to the market and immediately caught our attention in 2020. I am very pleased to formally announce the new partnership and look forward to collaborating over the coming years to bring the Fusion technology to the Norwegian market. Marwell are well known for our innovative technology and for working with partners who are leaders in their fields. isol8 is a prime example of this with a unique technology and a world-class team behind it.”



Andrew Louden – Managing Director of Isol8 said:

“We are delighted to formalise our partnership with Marwell. Working directly with seasoned, well engineering veterans with a like-minded, technology-driven team was essential for isol8. The industry response to isol8's Fusion bonded-alloy technology has been very encouraging, as we seek to improve wellbore integrity, enhance economic recovery and then eliminate emissions for eternity with our new AlloyCrete P&A barrier technology.”



Marwell is an independent company specialising in wellbore construction and completion equipment. Established in 2019 in Stavanger, its goal is to bring new and innovative tools to markets where they can provide benefits to operators. Collaborating with some of the industry’s leading suppliers and service companies, Marwell’s expert engineering team further develop field proven technology to deliver a unique solution for a given well.


Saving operators time and money, while also improving performance, Marwell’s speciality lies in its well-first thinking, offering a bespoke approach to ever-more complex problems.

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