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FLEX™ Carbon fiber solution utilized by Norwegian Operator to strengthen open hole multilateral junction
Product Marwell - Andrea Rocha Photograp

Carbon composite tube sample, to the left: CFRP tube section after drillout, to the right

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The operator was searching for a cost effective way to create a simple multilateral (MLT) wells which could access additional reserves that were not large enough to justify a standalone well or a full TAML level 5 junction. The reservoir was located in a highly unstable chalk formation and the risk of junction collapse was evaluated as being signifcant. A tubular was required with an extremely high collapse resistance rating which would be run above a drop off liner in the reservoir and could also be partially drilled out after it was installed in the junction area. This combination of high collapse resistance and drillability was not available in any solutions currently on the market.


Marwell designed a unique FLEX™ carbon fiber composite solution for the MLT junction together with the operator which exceeded operational requirements. The junction tubular was designed to withstand potential collapse pressures of over 20,000 psi and pass through a 10 degree dogleg while being run in hole. The FLEX™ solution was designed with an engineered interface which could be connected to the liner running tool. This enabled the reservoir liner to be dropped off in the open hole lateral and the running tool disconnected and retrieved prior to drilling the main bore.








Marwell delivered FLEX™ solutions for two wells in the field during Q1 2020. Both of the wells were
completed as planned with the tubulars installed in the junction and subsequently the mainbores were drilled to TD. During this process the FLEX™ tubulars were partially drilled out to create the main wellbores and the junction area was completed with a sliding sleeve to allow production from the lateral through the FLEX™ tubulars.



Marwell is an independent company specialising in wellbore construction and completion equipment. Established in 2019 in Stavanger, its goal is to bring new and innovative tools to markets where they are not yet available. Collaborating with some of the industry’s leading suppliers and service companies, Marwell’s expert engineering team further develop field proven technology to deliver unique and tailored solutions.


Saving operators time and money, while also improving performance, Marwell’s speciality lies in its well-first thinking, offering a bespoke approach to ever-more complex problems. Its key products include: Composite Centralizers, Casing Equipment, Sand Control and Downhole Monitoring. Marwell has offices in Stavanger and a dedicated installation facility in Dusavik, Norway. For more information on Marwell AS visit


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